The Lighting Cookbook for Fashion and Beauty Photography: Foolproof Recipes for Taking Perfect Portraits

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Step-by-step recipes for great pictures

• Demystifies lucrative fashion and beauty 

• Beautiful examples with diagrams and instructions—everything the photographer needs in the studio or on location

Learning to set up, use, and control lighting is the biggest challenge for photographers in the field of fashion and beauty. Never fear! This book shows exactly how to become a lighting master. Dozens of stunning examples—some taken in the studio, others on location—are analyzed with setup details, lens choices, composition decisions, and lighting diagrams, plus step-by-step directions on re-creating the look. From an inventory of every essential piece of equipment, with a full explanation of how, when, and why to use each one, to an in-depth discussion of film versus digital formats, The Lighting Cookbook for Fashion and Beauty Photography is the complete guide to mastering this popular and lucrative genre.